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Benjamin Moore Eco Spec – As much back as I can keep in mind I’ve utilized Benjamin Moore shades for myself and my client’s jobs. They‘ve an exceptional item variety at a fantastic cost factor.! Up up until a couple of years back, I was not also knowledgeable about their brand-new line from environmentally friendly, reduced voc paints (voc means unstable natural substances), so you might picture my hesitation being used these green items.

My very first believed was ” Oh no, my customers are mosting likely to ask me to usage this repaint because they saw this promoted as reduced or no voc including paints, and being the fantastic developer that I‘m, I was mosting likely to need to oblige (or have a great factor not to usage them) “. So, I headed out and purchased a could from each, to evaluate them out, as I was dealing with a kitchen area as remained in determined require from brand-new repaint shades.

To start with, the cost from the brand-new green line from paints were partially more than Benjamin Moore’s ” routine ” base repaint, so I mored than happy that they were offering an eco-friendly item that did not spend a lot just like other green items! There‘re 3 from them : Mood, Natura, and Eco Spec… I used each to the wall surfaces from the kitchen area I was remodeling, and here is what I discovered…

Mood : The Mood repaint has reduced voc’s, reduced smell, and is mold immune. The very best point I just like regarding utilizing Mood repaint is that the repaint includes the guide in this, so there’s no have to prime the wall surfaces very first. That conserves money and time, and practically offsets the greater expense from the Mood repaint because you would need to purchase guide with their basic line base paints. The Mood repaint protected the very best! The shade did not saturate and this dried out truly fast. If I‘d had to include one more layer, I most likely might have done so simply 2 hrs after the very first application!

Natura : If you are truly a stickler regarding voc’s, Benjamin Moore’s Natura repaint includes NO voc’s, instead of Aura’s LOW voc material. This likewise was practically odorless, and dried out really rapidly, like the Mood repaint. The Natura repaint, when I used this, didn‘t cover well. This resembled I was paint with watercolors! (Well, not that poor!) In Natura’s protection however, I used a 2nd and 3rd layer, all within the period from regarding 4 hrs, and was lastly able to accomplish my preferred outcome. Keep in mind however, Natura does NOT include guide, for that reason I‘d to prime the wall surfaces very first. If you are paint a great deal of wall surfaces or ceilings, you are mosting likely to need to purchase a great deal of the Natura repaint!

Eco Spec : Eco Spec, being an industrial quality repaint, was fantastic. Benjamin Moore ; ‘s Eco Spec line from paints includes NO voc’s, is odorless, and is mold immune. The is the repaint from option for many industrial inside tasks. Although I‘d to prime the wall surface very first, the Eco Spec protected extremely well, and had to do with $10 less expensive compared to Natura.

So, there you‘ve this! Essentially, Benjamin Moore’s Mood repaint was the very best cover and the very least time taking in, because the guide is currently in the repaint. If you directly really feel, or the task your dealing with needs the repaint you usage to be totally voc totally free, after that Eco Spec is your finest option!


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