Things You Didn’t Know About Hardie Plank Siding Corners

Feb 12th

Hardie Plank Siding Corners – Captured in between 2 choices–installing affordable however ordinary plastic exterior siding or investing a ton of money to rehabilitation your present timber lap siding–is there a much better solutioni?

Sherwin Williams James Hardie Colors
Sherwin Williams James Hardie Colors

An item that not lengthy back was thought about the ” brand-new youngster on the obstruct, ” now stands for a market gold basic, might be simply the wonderful area you are searching for. It‘s a wood-look lap exterior siding called fiber-cement, and its many popular brand name is called HardiePlank.

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Lap Exterior siding That Appearances Just like Timber, Really feels Just like Concrete

A mix from cellulose fibers and cementitious products, HardiePlank is fiber-cement exterior siding that is available in lengthy, straight strips, like timber lap exterior siding. HardiePlank is not to be puzzled with HardiePanel, likewise created by James Hardie Markets. HardiePanel, likewise fiber-cement, is the high, upright variation from HardiePlank–it’s 48 inches side by sizes varying from 96 inches to 120 inches.

HardiePlank is partially timber (the cellulose) and partially mineral. Damage an item and within you‘ll see a fragile core interlaced with timber fibers.

However the HardiePlank’s timber material doesn‘t impact its unique timber grain look. That‘s the outcome from a kind of molding called embossed texturing. HardiePlank’s embossing offers a few functions. Very first, this does produce a sensible simulation from timber grain. 2nd and many significantly, this aesthetically damages up the level surface areas and provides each board a richer appearance (James Hardie does deal a smooth structure, also).

Keeps Much from Its Financial Worth Also If You Sell

With various other kinds of exterior siding, especially plastic exterior siding, it is debatable whether you‘ll have the ability to claw back your preliminary financial investment when this comes time to offer your home.

However fiber-cement exterior siding, particularly HardiePlank, does a incredibly great task from returning job expense upon sale.

Renovating Publication appropriately thinks about fiber-cement to be a high end exterior siding job and approximates that you‘ll recover 78% from your preliminary investment when you offer the house (couple of jobs ever before return 100% or much more).

Over the last years, this job has regularly returned in between 78% and 100% from its worth.

100% Terminate Immune

HardiePlank is thought about to be terminate immune, however not fireproof. The precise meaning : HardiePlank doesn‘t add combustibles to a terminate. By comparison, plastic exterior siding, originated from oil, considerably feeds fires. Timber, certainly, is extremely combustible.

In regards to terminate resistance, think about HardiePlank a kind of neutral structure material–not a fire feeder, however not as fireproof as cement-asbestos roof shingles.

Dead Ringer For Timber. Practically.

One factor property owners select HardiePlank over plastic exterior siding is because this carefully looks like timber.

This will not stand up to shut evaluation. Up shut, you‘ll see that the timber grain is relatively superficial and has a attire pattern. As many people don‘t take a look at home exterior siding so carefully, its grain serves.

Thick as Timber, Paintable

HardiePlank is almost as thick as timber exterior siding. Comparison this with plastic exterior siding which is incredibly slim.


Vinyl’s impression from density is accomplished by producing hollow areas beneath. HardiePlank runs completely with.


Likewise, unlike plastic exterior siding, HardiePlank can quickly be repainted. You can either choose the neutral shade that HardiePlank shows up with or you can repaint this.


Totally Immune To Bugs and Vermin

Carpenter ants and termites are constantly an issue for timber exterior siding. Bugs don‘t appreciate HardiePlank because, although this does have that cellulose fiber, there‘s insufficient from this to rate of interest the bugs. Because of this, HardiePlank is thought about to be bug immune.


3x Much more Costly Compared to Plastic Siding

HardiePlank–and also common fiber-cement sidings–will almost constantly be much more costly compared to plastic exterior siding.


As a guideline, HardiePlank has to do with 3 times much more costly compared to plastic exterior siding. Consider the expense from paint HardiePlank (vs. no charge for plastic exterior siding) and the element reduces to regarding 2. 5 times much more costly.


Various other elements that own up expense :


While plastic exterior siding installers prevail, less exterior siding professionals mount fiber-cement.

High require and reduced provide owns up expenses.

Setup takes much longer.

Delivery expenses are greater for this item as it‘s considerably much heavier compared to plastic.

While optional, fiber-cement exterior siding is typically repainted upon setup. Painting–both labor and materials–significantly owns up overall job expense. Plastic exterior siding is never ever repainted upon setup.

A Green Structure Material

The cellulose fibers utilized in HardiePlank don‘t originate from threatened types from timber. The concrete and sand utilized remains in fantastic wealth. And no harmful products (i. e., plastic) are utilized in its manufacturing.


One more oft-ignored element that makes this an eco-friendly structure product is just that this lasts as long. The James Hardie Company, producers from HardiePlank, requires the product for half a century. However conceivably, HardiePlank can last much longer compared to that, particularly if repainted and correctly preserved.